Our Mission

Biodesign Alumni seeks to create a rich, sustainable network among Biodesign fellowship alumni that facilitates meaningful collaboration, resource and knowledge sharing, and professional development.  As our organization grows, we will find ways to give back to the community from which we started and the next generation of Biodesign professionals.

Biodesign Alumni activities are focused on three basic tenets:

  • Networking
  • Professional Development
  • Service

About the Fellows

Alumni of the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship have all completed either 1 or 2 years learning and teaching the Biodesign Process: a systematic approach to clinical needs finding and the invention and implementation of new biomedical technologies.  Following the fellowship, Biodesign Alumni pursue careers in medicine, engineering, marketing, and law; they join  start-ups, public corporations, and academic institutions; they are distributed globally.  It is their shared experience as Biodesign Fellows that ties this group together—it is the continued collaboration amongst this diverse group that will leave a lasting impact in the world.

This website provides an avenue for this group to share their knowledge and experience with the alumni group and those with shared interests.  We welcome your participation on the site.

Direct any feedback or comments to the site administrator.