Biodesign Alumni Legacy Fund

Your chance to pay it forward!

The Unmet need

The Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign has provided an exceptional education and training experience to over 166 fellows throughout the last 18 years. Biodesign does not receive financial support from the university to cover the the annual operating expenses of the program. Every year Biodesign leadership is charged with raising resources, including fellowship support. Raising these funds takes a lot of work and mindshare from the leadership that could be better spent on improving the program.

A way to sustainably fund the fellowship so Biodesign leadership can focus on providing the best health technology innovation program. 

Introducing the Biodesign Alumni Legacy Fund

The Biodesign Alumni Legacy Fund was created as a way for fellow alums to give back to the program in a meaningful way. The legacy fund is endowed, which means the principal amount is invested and each year, earned interest is paid out to directly to support a fellowship position.  What makes this gift so unique is that endowment support provides enough capital to support this position year after year, in perpetuity.  Talk about leaving a lasting legacy!

The Big, Hairy Audacious Goal

$1.2 Million

It costs $1.2M to endow a named fellowship at Stanford. Once the capital within our Alumni Legacy Fund reaches $1M, we can officially endow and name a fellowship position, i.e., the Stanford Biodesign Alumni Fellowship.

We know, $1.2M is a lot of money.  But it’s very possible for us to reach our goal and we even have some matching funds to help!

We currently have $200,000 already committed (thanks to many of you already) and need your help to reach $800,000.  At this point, other matching gifts will kick in to help us reach our $1.2M goal. Do the math…$600,000 divided by ~150 alumni is only $4,000 per alumni.

Interested but not ready to make a lump sum donation?

No problem. Your full gift can be committed in reoccurring payments over three years. More math…$4K/3 years gives us ~ $1,333 per year is the same as $111/month or $3.82/day.  Let’s be honest, you spend more than this at Philz… sweet and creamy anyone?

There are many reasons to make a gift to Biodesign…

  • For those who want to a deep personal impact with their gift

Contributing to the fund has the potential to greatly impact the professional and personal trajectory of a new fellow every year!  How much did you get out of Biodesign? Just imagine the joy a new fellow will receive each year knowing all the alumni to have come before literally invested in their success.

  • For those who like to give to causes with scalable impact

Many great technologies and companies have been created from the education provided by the fellowship.  A contribution to this endowment is a contribution to seeding more needs-based innovations into the world. Fellow initiated projects have already reached millions of patients. More fellows mean this number will inevitably continue to grow.

  • For those that want to pay forward the gift they were given

How much value do you think you received from Biodesign?  If the stipend you received had been reduced by 10% would you have still done it? What if there had been no stipend at all? It is incredibly unique for such a selective and valuable professional program to PAY its students to learn.  Perhaps you can consider giving to the fund as paying heavily subsidized, deferred tuition.

So, can we count on you?

Making a charitable gift is always a personal decision and we understand everyone will be able to give at different levels. What is most important is that if you found value in the program we hope you will really consider this opportunity to give back. Whatever the amount, we want YOU to be involved in making this happen.

Click here for instructions on how to make a contribution to this lasting endeavor.