Contributor Instructions

  1. Log in to (or request an account)
  2. Create a New Post (button at top-right)
  3. Give your post an enticing title (this may be all people see when the post is shared elsewhere, such as Twitter)
  4. Write! (you can Save Draft if you need to finish later)
  5. Insert an image that reflects the flavor of your post (button next to “Upload/Insert”)
  6. Insert a More Tag after the image and after just enough text for the reader to
    gauge interest ( button in toolbar)
  7. Preview your post (the More link won’t be visible, yet)
  8. Ready for others to review? Change the Status to Pending Review (in the Publish Widget at top-right).
  9. Press the Get Shortlink button above the post and send the link to the leadership team for review.
  10. When ready to publish the page so it is visible on the front page, Change the Status to Published.