Partner Post: ICInnovation – Where Israeli Medical Innovation Lives Online


The Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI) Meeting, held in Israel every year, is an internationally renowned conference bringing together clinicians, researchers, and industry to provide a wide perspective on new technologies in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Led by Prof. Chaim Lotan and Prof. Rafael Beyar, It is regularly attended by over 700 attendees from more than 40 countries. The next meeting will be held in Tel-Aviv at the David Intercontinental Hotel from Dec. 14-16.

The major aims of the ICI Meeting are to:

  • promote medical innovation
  • keep professionals updated with state-of-the-art clinical and technological advances

Now, there is no need to wait for the ICI meeting. You can stay in touch and keep abreast all year round.


ICInnovation is an internet platform geared to address critical issues pertinent to the success of innovation in medical technology. The website builds off of the annual ICI meeting, making it a year-long educational experience. Through collaboration with other key groups worldwide like the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Stanford Biodesign and more to come, we are centered as an international healthcare innovation platform for the benefit of physicians, entrepreneurs, providers, VCs and more.


  • To support innovators through the process of innovation.
  • To provide information, knowledge and insights relevant to the innovation process.
  • To stimulate public and private discussions on the innovation process.
  • To extend the ICI Academy of Innovation session into a year round platform


ICInnovation provides comprehensive and practical tools for medtec innovator by focusing on the various stages of the innovation process, from idea, through invention, and to implementation:

  • Connections: The site facilitates both public discussions and private networking for entrepreneurs, physicians and all their necessary providers and advisors. Simple categorization into the different stages of the innovation process makes it easy to find and connect with the most recommended service providers, co-founders, experts, advisers, supporters, funding resources, mentors and more. The ICInnovation website will provide a “Tool Box” of everything you need during the innovation process– how to start exploring your idea and unmet needs, how to protect, validate, and research, and most importantly – how to fund it.
  • Information: The site highlights updated news and articles in the fields of medtec innovation, and condenses helpful information to facilitate the growth of emerging novel technologies in healthcare. We gather together the most updated articles and publications, governmental grants and funding opportunities, courses and conferences – all in one place!

We want to give you the ability to join powers and create a wonderful health innovative community.

Tahel Altman MD is the Co-Founder and CEO of TopgeniX, Inc. and currently resides in Israel.


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