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racquel and ayo

Ayo & Racquel’s Biodesign Externship with Medtronic Labs in Nairobi, Kenya

During the fellowship year, all Biodesign Innovation Fellows spend approximately one month exploring a new segment of the health tech industry. The externship is a unique opportunity to broaden perspectives and develop new experiences. Ayo and Racquel teamed up to find an externship due to their shared passion for developing international experience and understanding the healthcare system in emerging markets. The following Q&A provides an outline of their international externship experience.

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Partner Post: ICInnovation – Where Israeli Medical Innovation Lives Online


The Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI) Meeting, held in Israel every year, is an internationally renowned conference bringing together clinicians, researchers, and industry to provide a wide perspective on new technologies in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Led by Prof. Chaim Lotan and Prof. Rafael Beyar, It is regularly attended by over 700 attendees from more than 40 countries. The next meeting will be held in Tel-Aviv at the David Intercontinental Hotel from Dec. 14-16.

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Exploring Asian Medical Device Markets: An International Conversation with Anurag Mairal and Karl Im

AnuragAnurag Mairal and Karl Im, two contributors to the international medical device community, recently joined our Biodesign Alumni Group for its first International Tableside Chat in which over 40 participants from the US, India, and Singapore were connected by a video link to provide a truly interactive forum for discussion of the opportunities and challenges with device development in Asia. Read more