By Fiona Loke

Three Biodesign Founders Reflect on their Journeys

Photo courtesy of Iris Tan Three of the Biodesign founders, (L to R) Ginger Graham, John Abele, and Bob Croce, graciously took the time to visit and speak with the Biodesign fellows a few weeks ago. From the depth of their combined wisdom and experience came many pearls about career, medical device innovation, and life.

Starting Out

It was slightly disconcerting to me, and possibly other aspiring medtech entrepreneurs, that Bob, Ginger and John had not nailed down medtech entrepreneurship as a career choice early in life. The sort of certainty that seems to be a requirement, or at least is greatly encouraged on university applications (think about all those essays starting with “My first-ever toy was Legos. I’ve wanted to be an engineer since before I could crawl.”) seemed suspiciously absent when they set off on their journeys. John sold light bulbs. Ginger wanted to be a veterinarian. And Bob had no idea what he wanted to do. Read more

The 1Q2011 Report: Reflections from the Singapore Fellows

In 1Q2011, the Singapore Fellows hit several major targets, including

–          The Cheesecake Factory on University Avenue

–          The Texas Roadhouse in Union City

–          The Dr. Perkins Breakfast at Buck’s Restaurant in Woodside

Our journey of discovery was not without its challenges, however. In a few words, the Singapore Fellows weigh in on the following mid-year topic.

In one paragraph: what was the most challenging aspect of transitioning from your previous life (engineer, physician, or researcher) to jumping into the Biodesign innovation process?

Read more