By Joëlle Barral

Vibrant Beverly

Beverly Huss, President and CEO of Vibrynt, joined our Biodesign Women Alumni group for dinner a few weeks ago.Vibrynt is dedicated to creating minimally invasive therapies for patients suffering from morbid obesity. We had a wonderful time learning about Beverly’s experiences, both as a CEO and as someone who has spanned the gamut of leadership roles in a big company, namely Guidant: research and development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, clinical affairs, and human resources. Beverly concluded her career at Guidant as President of Endovascular Solutions and Vice President of Guidant Corporation before transitioning to Vibrynt.

People First – Mentorship, Team, & Network

Beverly was enjoying a well-deserved half-retirement when she was asked to be the CEO of Vibrynt.

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