By Jeremy Johnson

A Dinner with Missy Krasner, EIR, Morgenthaler Ventures—What is up with VCs and Health IT?

Missy-Krasner-Smiling-Small-3.1.2012A-e1359757093874For our most recent Tableside Chat, we decided to invite a guest that is active in the area of healthcare IT (HIT) and digital health. Missy Krasner is currently looking for good opportunities for series A investments in this space as an EIR at Morgenthaler Ventures. She also consults with Box on their healthcare vertical, which supports HIPAA-compliant cloud storage and content collaboration for healthcare and life science customers. Missy was also one of the founding members of Google Health and has over 20 years of marketing, communications, and business development experience in health IT and consumer health. Read more