By Justin Huelman

Lisa Earnhardt Dana Mead

Two Sides of the Same Intersect ENT: CEO and Investor Talk About Making a Partnership Work

You don’t have to look far to find stories of the tension that can form between a CEO and their investors. What doesn’t always get as much attention as these dramatic tales, however, are the stories where each role finds their complement in the other, providing the stability that allows a startup to fight through a sea of obstacles and ultimately achieve success. At a recent SBAA tableside chat, Biodesign alumni had the opportunity to sit down and hear firsthand of one such supportive partnership between Intersect ENT’s CEO Lisa Earnhardt and lead investor Dana Mead of KPCB. They shared with us both the highs and lows that brought Intersect ENT from an early-stage startup all the way to achieving an increasingly rare medtech IPO.

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