By mkategarrett

Brad Vale on the Evolution of an Innovative Industry

In his constant search for the latest trends in medtech investment, Brad Vale shares some secrets to the success of one of the oldest corporate venture arms.

The Biodesign Alumni group recently had the pleasure of sharing dinner with Brad Vale, an industry leader in corporate venture funding and the VP, Head of Venture Investments of Johnson & Johnson Development Corp (JJDC). Naturally, the theme of the evening revolved around the role of corporate partners in financing and supporting early stage product growth. We walked away from the evening with three key lessons that Brad imparted on the alumni: (1) investment sources are rapidly changing in the medtech industry and will continue to involve more and more angel and corporate venture partners; (2) carefully monitoring environmental changes in the industry rather than following a rigid investment protocol allows early stage investors to be strategic rather than reactionary; and (3) invest first in the people, then in the solution. Read more