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The Tarsus Medical Story

Towers_figure_3How Tarsus Went From Funding to Acquisition in 3 Years

Last Fall, the Biodesign Fellow Alumni were joined by Nick Mourlas and Avi Roop to discuss the story of Tarsus Medical. This was an especially exciting event for us, as both Nick and Avi are alumni from 2001 and 2008 respectively. After Biodesign, Nick became CEO of a company he co-founded out of Biodesign, Acumen Medical, and led the company to its acquisition by Medtronic in 2009. His next move was to join Tarsus as the CEO, a position he held until its acquisition by Integra Life Sciences. In Avi’s short post-Biodesign career, he earned an MBA from UC Berkeley, then became Director of Sales and Marketing for Tarsus Medical through the time of acquisition while continuing to work on projects started at Biodesign.
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The Modern-Day Physician-Innovator: Todd Alamin, MD

The medtech industry is built upon the ideas of creative physicians thinking outside the box; here’s advice from a modern-day physician-innovator.

Given their understanding of disease and pathophysiology, innovative physicians have been the source for many of the major technology advancements throughout the history of medicine. Although commercializing medical technologies today has become more complex than ever – physician still play a vital role in conceiving new products and getting them to patients.

Todd Alamin, MD

Todd Alamin, MD, an Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University and serial medical device entrepreneur (founder of InnoSpine, acquired by Kyphon; and Simpirica), recently sat down with the Biodesign Alumni group to discuss his experiences being involved in both clinical practice and medical device entrepreneurship. From a deep personal history of combining medtech innovation and clinical practice specializing in spine surgery, Todd was able to provide insights into what makes for a successful physician-innovator. Read more