By Ravi Pamnani

A Day in the Life

Mid-Year Reflections from 10th Class of Biodesign Fellows

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.
– Leonardo da Vinci

The fellows are now over 4 months into the Biodesign Innovation Fellowship, and we have been striving to put Leo’s words into practice. Reading or just talking about how to innovate new medical technologies is not enough. We must do.

Each of us came into the program with a unique set of experiences and expectations. Reflecting on our progress thus far at about the midpoint through the year, the fellows were tasked with answering the following question:

In one paragraph: what was the most challenging aspect of transitioning from your previous life (engineer, physician, or researcher) to jumping into the Biodesign innovation process?

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The Real World: Biodesign

A future fellow waxes philosophical on what lies ahead this year for the 2010-2011 fellowship class. In addition to the challenge of learning and applying the Biodesign innovation process, the fellows will have to face the biggest challenge of them all: dealing with each other. See what advice past alumni fellows had to offer, as well as provide your own comments and feedback on how we can make the year a fruitful learning experience.

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