By Avi Roop

Pediatric Medical Device Innovation

“A paradox exists in pediatric healthcare: while tremendous philanthropy supports individual care, few new therapeutic devices/tools are ever developed specifically for pediatric patients.  The impediments are profound-  pediatric markets are small and poorly funded, and regulatory hurdles are high. These impediments notwithstanding, such new products would improve the lives of many children. Thus, there is compelling need to discover and develop  new ways to build businesses that mitigate these risks.  The Pediatric Idea Campaign, nurtured by The Kauffman Foundation and Lucile Packard Foundation for Childrens Health, may provide a model to do just that” – Thomas Krummel MD

Kevin Chao MD and I have recently launched an idea campaign is intended to bring physicians, care providers, parents, patients and innovators together in a collaborative environment.   Read more