By Zachary Edmonds, MD

David Thrower – Insound Medical

According to InMedica, the consumer medical device market continues to enjoy exceptional growth. With cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%, it is well on track to reach $10 billion by the end of 2013. Despite this growth trajectory, however, many believe that consumer medical devices lag far beyond many other consumer products in terms of design and usability. In a recent and thought provoking comparison of insulin pumps and ipods, Amy Tenderich explores the question: Wouldn’t it be nice if medical devices were designed like consumer electronics? Read more

Dr. Fred St. Goar shares lessons as co-founder of Evalve

Recently 9 biodesign alums had the unique opportunity to share a meal with Fred St. Goar, co-founder of Evalve, Inc. Over the course of the evening, Fred shared candidly about his 10 year journey developing a percutaneous approach to treat mitral valve disease, from the early days at The Foundry® to the recent acquisition by Abbott (NYSE: ABT; Press Release, PDF).

Several interesting and insightful points emerged from the dialogue: Read more